JJ's Laundromat                        
                                                843 W. College Ave.  Appleton, WI  54914     (920)-735-5581


6 am - 12 am
(Last load in by 11 pm)
open 7 days a week
Plenty of parking near the 3 entries 

Attendant always on duty

 JJ's also Offers:

  Tanning Beds

  Dry Cleaning

  Wash & Fold

  Carpet Cleaning Machine

  Arcade & Pool Table

  Vending Machines & Soda

  Food: candy, popcorn, pizza
             soft pretzels, nachos

Clean. Convenient. Courteous.
JJ's Laundromat Specials

Specials effective each day Open to Close 
Hot, Warm and Cold prices below
(Super wash $.25 more for 20# and 30#
and $.50 more for 40# and 55# washers)

40 pound washer cycles $3.25 

     20 pound washer cycles $1.25
     30 pound washer cycles $2.25
Wednesday is Big Loader Day
     55 pound washer cycles $4.25
     75 pound giant washer cycles $5.75

20 pound washer cycles $1.25 30 pound washer cycles $2.25
  40 pound washer cycles $3.25

JJ's laundromat downtown Appleton has large coin operated washers and dryers. Laundry, tanning beds, dry cleaning, Carpet cleaning machine rentals, vmachines. Large washers.
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